Coming Home Thursday (probably)

Taylor has continued to have a good week. So far the transition to breast milk has gone well. Today Taylor will be fed breast milk for all of her feedings, either by a bottle or when I’m there I can continue to work on nursing her. The plan is for her to COME HOME TOMORROW!! We are so excited and a little nervous at the same time. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Taylor and our family.

Maybe Thursday or Friday??

Taylor has had a great day so far, her night last went well and x-ray looked fine. I haven’t been able to personally talk to the doctor yet today, but he rounded on her before I made it in today and her nurse was able to pass along good news. They said she is able to begin to transition off of the special formula and back to breast milk, she gets two feedings today of breast milk, then Tuesday every other feeding and then Wednesday, all of her feedings will be breast milk, as long as she continues to handle it well. She was due for a feeding around 11am, so after talking with her nurse and the lactation consultant I was able to nurse Taylor – she did very well for her first time ever nursing – it was such a blessing (Trevor was not very good, so I was worried about how she would do).

The other GREAT news was that the doctor said as long as she continues to do well, she will probably get to COME HOME either THURSDAY or FRIDAY – PRAISE THE LORD!!! We are all so excited – please continue to pray for this week and for her transition home.

Chest Tube is REMOVED!! (day 40)

Sunday morning around 11:15am the doctors removed Taylor’s last chest tube!! We are so excited for the Lords great healing in Taylor’s body. It was great to be able to hold her without having to be quite as cautious with the tube, she is also able to lay on her tummy now and be carried & held further away from her bed. The doctors are going to do another x-ray this morning to verify that everything is still looking good around her lungs, we pray that that will be the case. We should have a better idea of the next step and hopefully a clue of when she might be coming home.

We continue to be amazed by our Lord’s awesome power displayed in the healing of Taylor and in His tender mercies throughout this time of waiting on Him.  We can never express to all of you how important your prayers have been and how supported we and our whole family have felt. We praise the Lord for using you to  minister His grace to us. Thank you all, and may the Lord bless you abundantly.

Chest Tube is Clamped!! (day 39)

We found out this morning around 10am that Taylor continued doing well during the night, so the doctor went ahead as planned and clamped her chest tube —  Hooray!! She has been doing great throughout the day. They will take an x-ray between 4am & 5am Sunday morning and as long as she continues to do well throughout the night and the x-ray comes back looking good they will take her chest tube out mid-morning. We are trying to not get overly excited, but it is hard not too at this point. We will then talk to the doctor on Monday for the rest of the plan (they wouldn’t let me get too ahead of things – still one thing and day at a time). We are so thankful for the Lord’s healing hand upon Taylor. Thank you all for your continued prayers for her and our whole family.

Another Good Day (day 38)

Taylor had another good day today — Praise the Lord!! She had an x-ray around 4am, which looked good, so the doctor turned off the suction for her chest tube around 10am, and then repeated the x-ray around 4pm. When they read the second x-ray they said it looked even better than the earlier one — YEAH!! He said the plan for the weekend will be to clamp her tube Saturday morning as long as everything continues to go well through the night and then do another x-ray either Saturday evening or Sunday and as long as everything still looks good they will take the tube out then. He still told me not to get ahead of myself when he could tell I wanted to ask all sorts of questions about what that means for next week, he said we will talk again Monday after we see how the weekend actually goes. We are very hopeful for a good weekend and for the chest tube to come out. We are praising the Lord for his healing hand upon our little Taylor.

Continuing to wait – Taylor day 37

There isn’t really anything new to report, we remain in the waiting stages to see what is going to happen. Taylor has continued with no fluid output since the 3mls on Monday. She continues to eat well, and her respiratory rate continues to be normal. These are all good signs, but like they told us earlier this week, we are trying not to get excited yet. Taylor’s doctor has said he will probably do an x-ray Friday morning to check how things are looking. Please continue praying for the healing of Taylor’s body and for our emotions. Last weekend was really difficult and I’m trying to reamain cautiously optimistic as each day goes by with no fluid. Thanks again for your continued prayers, we are blessed by the Lord’s goodness and the prayers and support of so many friends and family and many of you who we do not even know. Praise the Lord for the widespread body of Christ.

Taylor Isabelle (day 36)

Taylor has had a couple good days after the discouragement of having to replace the chest tube on Sunday and 85mls of fluid was drained. Her fluid output has been minimal since the new tube went in. Monday – 3mls, Tuesday – 0mls and so far today there has been no drainage. We have been cautious since this has happened in the past and Taylor would start having breathing and feeding issues and need to have fluid drained to alleviate the problem. The nurses have been told us to not get excited until there is minimal drainage for a week without Taylor experiencing complications. Taylor is still on an antibiotic to help with a possible infection. Her breathing has been good and she is eating well and weighs about 6 1/2 lbs.

Please continue to pray that Taylor’s minimal fluid output would be an indication of the leak healing rather than fluid building back up in the chest cavity because of a clog in the drainage tube!!!

Brian and I have a meeting scheduled with Taylor’s new doctor this afternoon to meet and make sure we are all on the same page, and understand his plan at this point for Taylor.

In Lamentations 3, Jeremiah talks about his soul continually remembering his afflictions and being bowed down within.  In verse 21 he says, ” but this I call to mind, and therefore I have hope; the steadfast love of the Lord NEVER ceases, His mercies NEVER come to an end; they are new EVERY morning; great is your faithfulness.”The Lord is my portion”, says my soul, ” therefore I will hope in him.” Praise the Lord that He is our portion which means He is all sufficient for all our needs. We have never ending love, mercy and faithfulness from the perfect hand of our Father. Our hope is in Him!!